EFT Tapping Group

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This online EFT Tapping Group focuses on different topics (e.g., stress, health, parenting). It is held on Zoom 9am-10:30am (NZT) on a Saturday morning. In order to go ahead, there are a minimum number of participants required. Here is the outline of the group session:

  • Opening with karakia
  • Review of guidelines
  • Opening round, including brief introductions and checking in/discussion on the chosen topic (stress). What your goal is around this, and what rating you have given the intensity of stress you are experiencing 0/10
  • Group tapping session, please click here to see the tapping chart
  • Final round, sharing an insight or take-away from the experience
  • Closing with karakia

What to expect?

You will get the most from this experience if you have a specific and measurable goal in mind around the chosen topic (stress). For example, my goal might be to let go of the stress I have around completing my tax returns. I would relate the intensity of this stress as 5/10 (0 low, 10 high).

I will ask you to note down key words, images, and phrases that come to you around this topic. So when we do a tapping round, you will fill in the blanks with your own words.

Only share in the group space what you feel comfortable sharing. Please respect the confidentiality of others, and do not take anything shared in the group outside of that space.

Interested in taking part?

If you are interested in taking part please have a read of the guidelines (click here) and complete the questionnaire below.


EFT Tapping Group
We will also go over these in a phone call before our first session.